Share data securely
with third parties

Onboard new third party partners more quickly and collaborate safely. Leverage the power of data with trust.
Big Data and analytics are driving the growth of innovative products and services.

Global Big Data market revenue for software and services is projected to increase from $42B in 2018 to $103B in 2027 with a compound annual growth rate of 10.48% (source: Forbes).
In the UK, consumers are so worried about sharing their personal data with companies that seven in ten (71%) actively avoid creating new accounts with companies, according to recent Mintel research on consumers’ attitudes towards data sharing.

The safety of their financial data is their biggest issue, with 87% saying they are concerned about sharing these details with companies.
This lack of trust can seriously impact revenue growth, customer acquisition and retention and leveraging data for innovative products and services in financial services and beyond.

Not only does Priviti enable you to capture, record and manage customer consent for data sharing, but it also shares data with third parties. Priviti uses tokenised data split over two channels for enhanced security.
Priviti never sees, shares or sells your customers’ personally identifiable information.

Reduce operational costs, disputes, manual process and risk with automated, systematic consent capture, recording and management and compliant data transfer.


Increase revenue and delight: customer growth, loyalty, experience, product offerings and trust.


De-risk third-party data sharing and collaboration and onboard partners quickly.

Benefits for your customers

Increase their control over how, when and why data is shared.


Enhance security since Priviti transfers data only if specific consent has been obtained.


Reduce risk of sensitive data being stored and exposed.